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A Simple Advent Calendar DIY

Instagram Making an advent Calendar copyLast year I made my boys an advent calendar and this year I'm doing it again ! I think it's becoming a Christmas tradition. They may still think that they want a Lego advent but no..handmade it is! Since the last few weeks have flown by I've opted for a super easy DIY,using my gift wrap,washi tape & twine. If you've not done one already but fancy doing this, you still have time tomorrow. It's only an hour or so in the making and the result is lovely. I put a couple of sweeties in each one or chocolate coins. This year I have decided that a little handwritten message from us (Mummy & Daddy!) will go inside each flag too, telling the boys something fab about them that we love!

Rosehip Advent Calendar 1

You will need:

Washi Tape

String or Bakers Twine

Mini Pegs (You can get these from craft shops)

Patterned Paper

Little Luggage Labels

Stick on numbers ( I got the labels & numbers from a stationers)

Paper Bunting Advent Calendar

1/Cut squares of gift wrap or whatever paper you are using . Mine are 15 x 15 cm

2/ Turn the paper so one corner points downward and make a small crease in that corner to create the point. Then roll the two outer corners in as if you were making a cone. Make sure that the top point is roughly in the middle before you press down and fold the two sides. Fold the top flap down and voila ! you have a bunting/flag shaped envelope.

3/ Fasten the side edge with glue or tape

Rosehip Advent Calendar 4

4/ Decorate your flags with numbers in whatever way you fancy..I used little luggage labels and stuck on numbers,but you might have a better's were you can get fancy with some washi tape!

Rosehip Advent Calendar 5

Rosehip Advent Calendar 6

Rosehip Advent Calendar 7

5/ Fill the flags with your goodies..not too much otherwise the tiny pegs won't hold it!

6/ Hang the flags by threading the twine or ribbon under the top flap and then secure it with a tiny peg..and there you have it ; an easy peasy paper bunting advent calendar!

Rosehip Advent Calendar 9

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